10 Minute Yoga For Posture Routine

This is a strengthening corrective yoga for posture sequence designed specifically to strengthen your back muscles, pull your shoulders back, and teach body …

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. “Take what works for you and leave the rest behind” – Also great life

  2. This is great. My posture has been terrible all my life and I’m so scared
    of becoming a hunchback old lady. Thank you for making this video! 

  3. this is great, the stretching back of my shoulders feels so good :D

  4. Great! I will do this every morning for 2 weeks and let you know how it
    goes 😉 

  5. YES!!! Thank you Sarah Beth for this amazing routine!!! For anyone who has
    bad posture…take time to do this and feel the benefits!

  6. I have awful posture. Like the worst case imaginable (not really but it’s
    bad) I’m going to commit to this and let you know how it goes. :)

  7. As a man who works on concrete floors all day long and weightlifts about 4
    times a week I found this very helpfull and her inspiring.
    If only our parents of the world understood the importance of yoga for

  8. Thank you so much, I’ve been using this video everyday and I feel amazing.
    You’re are great teacher and I love your spirit.

  9. Wow, at the end of the sequence, I was already standing straighter and had
    more balance! Great video. :)

  10. Let’s assume someone has tight psoas and quads can cause anterior pelvic
    tilt; this effectively causes many issues for the upper spine *beginning*
    with the bottom-end of the spine.

    Are you suggesting that we can overcompensate for lower-body spinal
    influences by strengthening the back?

  11. Thank you for this incredibly rejuvinating yoga routine! I have terrible
    posture that gives me constant neck strain and headaches. I’ve done this
    routine for the last two days and feel much, much better. So grateful!!

  12. Love this flow. I’m breastfeeding at the moment and my posture is poor.
    This is a nice quick flow I can do before the kids are up. Thanks! Namaste 

  13. amazing routine, i honestly felt a difference in my posture from day two.
    I’ve always had a bad posture, and hunched shoulders although im only 18
    years old. this routine is easy and effective. keep it up!

  14. Hey this is for women or men? And can i do this before i go to bed

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