10 Products For Anterior Pelvic Tilt Correction

Now that you know you have anterior pelvic tilt, it is time to either help with the pain or to correct it before the pain kicks in.  And these are the tools I found helpful for anterior pelvic tilt correction.

The following list is not all-inclusive, but we are hoping this will give you a good start on preventing, decreasing, or stopping the pain associated with anterior pelvic tilt. But remember these are just tools to help fixing your issues, when in doubt always seek professional help as everyone’s condition might differ.

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Generic Options

A lumbar cushion can benefit those who spend a great amount of time sitting at work or driving long distances. This ergonomically-correct supportive pillow is curved outward at the bottom to provide relief from the bad posture and resultant strain on the lower spine.

There are numerous back support products out there and we strongly recommend the Embrace AirPlus Lumbar Support which allows you to adjust the position and the size of the cushion by a bulb! They also have got a smaller portable one for travel which I bet all travelers with back pain will die for one on the plane.

A foam roller is designed to stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue, stretch muscles, concentrate massage pressure, and improve access to soft tissue near bony prominences such as your spine, scapula, and pelvis.

Most of the Anterior Pelvic Tilt cases are associated with deeper muscle tissues and it is not always possible to simply massage them. Foam Roller is the perfect tool for you to release the deeper tension in your lower back or pelvic area as it uses the advantage of your own body weight. Ask any athlete, dancers or gymnasts, they all benefits from foam rolling to prevent their tense muscles from tensing up!

Foam Roller by Trigger Point Performance

There are a few kinds of foam rollers out there in the market, mostly are distinguished by the density, i.e. the hardness. Out of all the rollers I have used (and believe me – I have tried more than you think) this Grid Foam Roller from Trigger Point Performance works the best. It provides more firmer supports than the normal black or blue one, allowing you to work on deeper muscles.

It also has a longer lifespan than traditional ones which saves you tons of money coz believe you’ll fall in love with this thing after the first try (It’s like your own personal stay home masseur!) and you’ll need it for at least a few months to a year to correct your tightened muscles.

If you have had experience with foam roller and want to bring this to the next level Trigger Point Performance has an excellent Core Stability Training DVD Program which can definitely help with your lower back pain by strengthening your core muscles.

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Foam Roller are effective in relieving larger muscle tension in your back, but sometimes there are chances that your Anterior Pelvic Tilt is causing by smaller muscle group. This is where Beasties come in, they are practically a smaller version of a foam roller which allow you to target very specific, tightened muscles in the lower back and hip area.

They are effective for relieving tension in hamstrings and glutes, muscles that are often connected to the pain of anterior pelvic tilt.

A Swiss Ball is designed to stretch and relax tight back muscles in the spine. This giant sized ball filled with air that can either be rested by leaning forward over the ball, or by stretching out backwards over the ball. This reduces joint stiffness in the spine and also alleviates pressure on nerves between the spinal disks.

There are also plenty of lower back pain relief exercises and stretches that make use of the Swiss Ball.

Heating pads can be an effective treatment for the relief of lower back pain because they relax the back muscles. Heat stimulates sensory receptors to decrease pain signals to the brain. Also by increasing the temperature of your tightened area, it increases the blood flow around that particular area and hence allow muscles to relieve and recover easier.

The best thing about heating pads is that it is not necessarily a back pain treatment, you can also use the heat pad for neck or shoulder if you had a long day at work resulting in sore shoulder muscles. Most heat pad are microwavable so it is very convenient, some are also able to be used as an ice pad as well when put in the fridge overnight.

Muscle pain relief creams are topical pain killers – they are applied directly to your skin. You will find analgesic creams, rubs, and sprays available at your local drugstore. I wouldn’t recommend you to get addicted to applying these, you should always seek professional help and get to the root of the problem.

Advanced Options

Bear in mind that Anterior Pelvic Tilt takes months to correct so remember to give these products some time for the effects to kick in. If you have tried them for a while and they don’t seem to improve your condition, below are a list of more advance options you can try. They are a little pricier but in return they do more than the generic ones above. And some of them could help you correct your tilt and maintain your pelvic position to prevent re-occurrence. So if you exhausted other options these might be some good health investments.

A Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher is an alternative to Foam Roller that helps promote back pain relief and releases back muscle tension. It supports lumbar flexibility and posture correction and relieves back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion and poor spinal alignment.

Some says this works better than a high density foam rollers as it targets knots and trigger points in the spinal muscles. Simply lie down and relax for 5 minutes, twice a day to stretch the back muscles, and restore the natural curvature of the spine. It helps improve your posture, and increases flexibility and range of motion.

Standing Desk is probably one of the most popular remedy for modern days office workers.  One of the major problem of using a normal desk is that we sit all day, which usually results in poor postures and creating bad sitting habits.  Research also shows that standing desk burns more calories and reduced the risk of obesity.  Main benefit of standing desk for Anterior Pelvic Tilt sufferer includes, but not limited to, reducing stress or pain on back and neck, and also avoid hip flexors from being tighten up from sitting all day.

When considering standing desk, make sure you get an adjustable one so that you can alternate stand and sitting every now and then to maximise the benefits.

If you have tried a lot of options and have no luck solving the pain that is bothering you, you might want to invest in an inversion table. An inversion table looks like a lightweight cot. As the name implies, the table takes advantage of gravity by placing the body upside down. The spinal vertebra are opened and pressure is relieved on painful pinched nerves in the back caused by anterior pelvic tilt or collapsed disks. Price of an inversion table ranged from $100 to $400 and that is one of the reason why it is not the most common tool. Another reason is that a lot of peoples’ Anterior Pelvic Tilt are corrected after using the generic products and their lower back pain situation got a lot better. But if that’s not you you might want to give this a try.

Again make sure you consult your doctor before you seek any of these home treatment options. I have not personally used the inversion table – but with the excellent reviews despite the relatively high price, I believe it is all worth the money when you can finally get rid of the pain that has been bothering you for years.

A portable massage belt works to increase the blood flow to the area that is sore. It can be worn under the clothes. Some people wear them all day long to alleviate back pain.

If you work in an office, you probably spend a tremendous amount of time sitting. In fact, this may well be the reason for your development of anterior pelvic tilt. If you have an ergonomic chair, it will support your lower back and promote good posture, alleviating your back pain. The best thing about an Ergonomic Chair is that it supports your lower back perfectly in the correct posture so even after sitting for a while your back doesn’t feel the soreness it used to feel. It is definitely a good investment if you spend most of your time sitting in an office.

I personally love this Duorest Ergonomic Chair which it has two back supports instead of one, and because of that they can fit and support both sides of your back perfectly so that you don’t have to put any effort in sitting in the correct and health posture.


There are many different products available that can help alleviate the pain of a sore back caused by anterior pelvic tilt. Some provide correction as well as relief. Some are relatively easy and inexpensive. We hope our list affords you the relief you seek from the pain you are suffering from anterior pelvic tilt.

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