5 Habits That May Be Harming Your Posture And Causing You Pain

htttp:// No matter who you are, this video applies to you!! Because chances are you, or someone you know, suffers from pain, related to poo…

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Excellent informative video from start to finish! Happy Holidays Kai :)

  2. You’re a breath of fresh air! 😀 Refreshing and informative! You’ve got a
    new subscriber haha

  3. great job on the video.. you put so much work into it !!!

  4. You inspire me. I love the way u make your videos because they are both
    informative and fun!

  5. When you’re sat at the computer, sit on a foam roller! Raises your rear by
    a few inches and encourages a strait-ish posture.

  6. Excellent…and from a past runner…I bet you were fast!
    Enjoy your videos….nice as well as beautiful but best of
    all….informative! thnx.

  7. is it just me i only hear music…. i only hear voice at 5:36 

  8. I’m a grad student, so unfortunately, I sit for really long periods of
    time. Another tip to add to your #4 cause of lower back pain is to work
    while standing. For example, at a coffee shop bar, instead of sitting on a
    stool, I’ll stand. This can be simulated at home by stacking large books so
    your laptop is at eye-level. I nerd out on this stuff, so thanks for your
    helpful video!

  9. Kai as a manual therapist you have some information that goes a long way. I
    have covered these points often but, can’t beat a dead horse ….. people
    resist change as they often times are too comfortable. Sure would like to
    find a trainer like you to work a salon with me, always felt your work is
    very anatomically balanced and well explained. Keep it up lady.

  10. The wallet thing in the back pockehr doesn’t apply to thugs tney sag so
    they are not affected health wise js

  11. I am so guilty of the computer thing, and it probably applies to my hobby
    of cross stitching as well
    my PT says the shoulder pain is worsened by the posture problems and like
    you said, with the shoulders pulling inward my chest/pec muscles are
    stronger than the back muscles – we are working on solving this but still
    lots of pain, i go for MRI next week to see if something is really messed
    up like tears or scar tissue… so keep me in your thoughts and keep up the
    good work!

  12. Thanks for this video. It reassures what I do with my clients in the gym

  13. awesome video!
    This is me all the way, from the heavy purse, to sitting for long periods
    of time to not having a balanced workout! Thanks for the video and the tips
    on the blog!!!

  14. Thanks Kai… I’m going to share this with some people at work who I know
    will benefit from this. 

  15. Your videos are always full of great, useful information-Thank you so much

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