Common Health Problems Caused By Bad Posture

Do you know you might currently be suffering from a whole lot of health problems caused by bad posture. Below is a description of the some of those problems. All of the problems can be avoided by correcting bad posture with different methods, including exercising and stretching, or with the help of some tools like a back brace.

1. Headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain:

Most people with bad posture suffer from headaches, neck pain or shoulder pain. Apart from pinching nerves, poor posture tends to contract blood vessels, hampering blood flow to different parts of the body, including shoulders, neck and head. In some patients, even the shoulder pain goes down to the arms because blood vessels go the arms as well.

2. Back pain and Sciatica:

Carrying heavy stuff with bad posture may cause you to have back pain, sciatica or lead to Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Men have a tendency to carry big briefcases or bags in one hand, while women like to carry purses in on one shoulder. Moreover, people involved in construction often develop bad posture habits when they carry bulky materials carelessly.

These posture problems may contribute to middle back pain or lower back pain. In worse conditions, a patient can suffer from sciatica as well. The sciatica nerve starts from the lower spinal column and moves down into the legs. There are two sciatica nerves in the human body: one nerve is in the right leg and one is in the left. As a matter of fact, due to bad posture, this nerve gets pinched, which triggers a sharp pain in your leg when are you are standing.

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3. Internal Health:

The inner organs in your body, such as the stomach could also get affected because of bad posture. For instance, some people have acid reflux or GERD problem caused by incorrect posture. Actually, an incorrect sitting posture causes your stomach to lose alignment with the esophagus. As a result, the digestive acids produced by the stomach start moving up to the esophagus. Aside from causing acid reflux, poor posture can put excessive stress on the heart, increasing your chance of high blood pressure and a lot of other heart related issues.

After all, it is very important to maintain a good posture even if you do not have lower back pain at the moment.  There can possibly be other hidden problems that is causing by your improper posture!

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