Correction and Treatment for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

When the pelvis tilts too much to one side, it creates a misalignment of joints throughout the spine. The misaligned joints fail to function within their normal planes of motion and this creates extra joint stress, leading to joint capsule disruption, wear and tear and finally causing a lot of pain. If this goes on untreated the final result is lingering lower back pain, disc herniation, disc degeneration and facet syndrome. Among all these, the one that you should probably be more afraid of is disc herniation, which in most cases can only be treated through surgery!

How to Correct a Tilted Pelvis

True to the old adage, prevention is always better than cure. Do not allow yourself to live with a tilted pelvis and later start rushing to treat the predicaments of it. Untreated tilted pelvis is also a constant cause of lower back pain.

To correct the tilted pelvis and avert a situation where you might develop disc herniation that would force you into surgery, here is what you should do:

  1. Identify the cause of the tilt

Some of the most common causes of tilted pelvis include feet problems, trigger points, abnormal or poor posture, poor footwear or lack of muscle endurance. Identify what is causing the tilt for you and take corrective measures to deal with it.

  1. Do regular strength, flexibility and endurance exercise

The exercises train your body to be strong and also play a very important part in correcting the effects of bad posture.

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  1. Seek the services of a chiropractor

Find an expert chiropractor who will not only adjust your spine but will also go out of his way to stress upon you the importance of good posture, trigger points and exercise. Your chiropractor needs to be your partner in overcoming anterior pelvic tilt for once and for good.

Treatment for Pelvic Tilt

There are various different methods for treating pelvic treat. We have already mentioned that a chiropractor can help with Spinal Manipulation. This treatment option usually consist of twisting and nudging the spine. The method is especially effective when carried out by a professional chiropractor.

Heat treatment is another great treatment for pelvic tilt. When applied on the affected areas, warm pouches or warm gel can lessen muscle inflammations and also contains healing effects.

MFR, which is abbreviation for Myofascial Release Treatments, are also used to manipulate the muscles around the areas affected. Although MFR is similar to massage services, it is not massage and should not be administered by an untrained practitioner. The main aim of MFR treatment is to equalize muscle mass.

All the above treatments are effective in treating a tilted pelvis. It is also worth noting that if left untreated tilted pelvis can have dire consequences on your health including a herniated disc that could lead to surgery.