Deadlift Hips Shooting Up – stick butt out?

Deadlift Hips shooting up is almost always caused by a loss of contraction of the glute muscles. Many times when the hips shoot up it is the cause of anterior pelvic tilt and lordosis. A common…

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. very helpful my friend but ihave qustion if ifix my lower back posture by
    deadlift iwill get my full height?,, thank u for sharing this video

  2. Stop the hips from shooting up in the deadlift by using this technique,
    cue, and exercise practice.

  3. Great video as always! You should make a video on best ab exercises if you
    have an APT as obviously your not meant to do some such as sit ups. P.s.
    invest in a mic!

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