ESH #54 | Good Computer Posture

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Along with eyestrain and body tension from using computers, you might want
    to comment on the same problems created by people using their I-phones.
    People on buses and trains, for example, whether standing or sitting, have
    their heads and necks tilted forward and their eyes frozen for long periods
    of time as they tap away on their I-phones. This situation will only get
    worse as more people use I-phones and spend more time on them each day.

  2. Your right, certainly a scary glimpse of the future. With places like Asia
    already experiencing rates of myopia as high as 90% for school leavers we
    need to spend more time helping our eyes and posture. Will does have a post
    called “Is the Iphone Good or Bad for the Eyes?”, which can be found on our
    website at EnvisionSelfHealing or on You Tube. We should certainly cover it
    on the podcasts. Thanks for the great suggestion 🙂

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