Fix Forward Head Posture – Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Self Massage & Stretch

Fix Forward Head Posture – Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Self Massage & Stretch

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Thanks Doug, theres great stuff on the mobilitywod, I’m always looking for
    better ways to loosen up.

  2. Like the Vid….it does help…since you know the neck quite well, any
    thoughts of getting rid of a little bit of a turkey neck due to weight loss
    ? do you think just neck raises with a weight … ? ur thought please…

  3. My God. I’ve had headaches daily for about the past 6-7 years. Had CT
    scans, MRIs, specialist appointments, chiropractor appointments, etc. No
    one could ever tell me why I was having them. After doing these stretches
    and massages for a few minutes while watching this video, my neck is
    popping like mad and I have the smallest headache I’ve had since I can’t
    even remember when. Thank you for this. You’ve given me relief from a
    pain I figured I’d die with (and I’m only 22 D:)

  4. thanks for sharing you may have solved my mysterious headache pain on top
    of my head

  5. do you do any strengthening exercises for this muscle? I’m pretty ignorant
    about anatomy, but it seems like a healthy neck would need a strong SCM

  6. What version of Monster Hospital is that at the beginning? I need it.

  7. you know the chin tuck exercise,i find it akward to do because my one of my
    shoulders is bit higher then the other one so my head is bit tilted to one
    side kind of crooked,so what can i do to align it first and then do the
    chin tuck

  8. Hey Man nice video, thank you very much. I see guitars behind and i wanted
    to ask, does this muscle have anything to do with singing? i mean could it
    be causing singing difficulties?

  9. Thanks for the info! Any tips about having a sternocleidomastoid imbalance?

  10. Thanks chris great site, nice to see you playing outside. I am always
    trying to find new ways to self massage and mobilize! Do you know of Kelly
    Starrett and his mobilitywod project? Great tricks to get to those hard

  11. Thanks this really helped I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck. Thanks

  12. After 9 months of constant pain, seeing countless specialists with no
    answers and thinking I had a brain tumor, finally I have found the cause of
    my problems. Massaging this muscle in the neck is the key to relieving pain
    in my head. I had pretty bad forward head posture before this btw.

  13. Thanks man, I have pretty bad forward head posture, and this helps. Also
    explains why I get weird kindof headache pains at random times to.

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