Fix Rounded Shoulders – Prone Cobra – Fix Posture – Thoracic Extension

Fix Rounded Shoulders – Prone Cobra – Fix Posture Thoracic Extension

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. anbybody know this kyphosis can chance to normal position with these type
    exercises ? is it possible I don’t know and I can’t understand english
    speaking did you get a information about what I said ? my back is little
    bit awry it will be like a line after these exercise and workouts ? (I mean
    long after these workouts )

  2. great tip, I’m going to try this today…but may I suggest for future
    videos you take the location outside or perhaps a studio of some sort. The
    dirty mat in the garage leads me to thinking you’re disposing of bodies in
    sulfuric acid when you’re not working on your core.

  3. Great video! 90% of people that go to the gym have really shit thoracic
    extension! everyone should be doing this, Especially will people with
    naturally big traps, (Such as myself) This’ll help bring my shoulders back
    in a naturally good postured position!
    I’ve also tried a very similar variant as body building exercise before
    watching this video.
    Light weighted dumbells and lie either flat on a bench or on an incline and
    do the same movement as this, Great for the rear delts!

  4. flattening your back has to be done with a grain of salt. It could give you
    back pain. 

  5. Thank you. Very clear, very positive, encouraging. You come across as
    knowledgable in your field, supportive and approachable. I will be starting
    tomorrow morning. 

  6. hey i hope that your video is usefull!! i want you to tell me how many
    times per day i have to do this and in how many time i will have nice
    shoulders!! thanks sorry for my bad english!!

  7. Just wanted to say a big thank u from Alex from Australia, having back
    Mobility issues stoping me from training last 10 years everyone thinks I’m
    a lazy bitch, I’ve studied every upper body stretch and spasm release but
    this idea of the pelvic tilt done in combine with my stretches seems to
    actually fix the twisted up knotted up back. Early stages but never felt
    this relaxed after training. Thanks friend big friendly hand shake through
    the key board….

  8. Thanks for this vid, just stumbled upon it as I’m looking to fix my
    shoulders after many years of neglect. Really seem to know your stuff…

  9. I found this to be the single most useful stretch for my posture. After
    doing it once and walking around, I felt a major difference. Thanks!

  10. would you say the prone cobra is enough to strengthen the scapula
    adductors? I’ve been looking at corrective deadlifting also. shouldn’t
    deadlifts alone take care of rounded shoulders and pull them back
    automatically? I guess it doesn’t because I still have rounded shoulders
    after a lot of deadlifting.

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