Fixing muscle imbalances caused by sitting: How to fix an anterior pelvic tilt

Find out why sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad. Discover methods and systems to working out the muscle imbalances developed from them. FACEBOOK: h…

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. This is very very well explained, probably the best, thanks buddy.

  2. thanks for your informative demonstration. what is the diameter of the foam
    roller to use?

  3. I am Glad to see this video. It gives useful information. many thanks for
    you bro.

  4. My low back has been chronically tight for about 8 months and it prevents
    me from doing squats without straining my lower back. I’m guessing it’s due
    to my excessive apt. Will these help me? 

  5. Thank you! I didn’t know I had an anterior pelvic tilt until yesterday,
    when I first heard that term. I’ve been sitting with my butt sticking out
    since I was a child. Adults were always complimenting me on my posture so
    I guess I’d always exaggerate it.

    Question – does an ATP affect hamstring flexibility too? I’ve never been
    able to properly touch my toes without bending my back (I have been slowly
    improving over the years, though). Is this because of ATP or is that
    completely unrelated?

  6. You made a few mistakes. Near the 9:30 minutes mark you got mixed up.
    Remember posterity the back muscles are tight and glutes are weak.
    Anteriorly. Abs are weak and hips/quads are tight.

  7. This is probably going to be the 2015 most helpful video for me.
    When you showed what people do when they try to “correct” their posture I
    just laughed…So I was trying to correct my posture eh? More like making
    it even worse my whole life. Well, time to do some strengthening exercices

  8. Subscribed! Good knowledge. I would appreciate some advice if possible? 23
    year old male, been extremely active since 5 years old playing sport. I
    started playing football (soccer) semi-professionally in the UK the other
    year but had to stop due to this twinge in my back, hip kind of area (right
    side only). It hurts to land on it when I run and especially as I extend my
    right leg kicking. Been to several docs and physios and received mixed
    messages. I paid for one physio who was decent and did explain I have very
    tight quads and hips and as a result slight hyperlordosis. I have been
    stretching and rolling these areas with some core work but it is still not
    going (helped a small amount). It has been 9 months now. The doctors won’t
    send me for a scan as they feel my discs are fine. Not sure what I can do
    really, I thought my core would be fine doing sport and exercise a few
    times a week from aged 5 and I have a visible 6 pack, but I know the core
    is not just visible abs but deeper muscle. I felt the pain originally in
    the gym squatting, stopped all exercise and it has got worse since then. 9
    months on and I am still waiting to be able to play football again. I am so
    unsure what to do right now as some suggest to do weights for hamstrings
    and glutes, but I am limited on what I can do pain free. I have been doing
    the glute raise from your other video which I can do fine with 25kg on my
    pelvis.Any advice would be appreciated! It’s depressing me to think I might
    never exercise again.
    Thanks and loving the vids.

  9. I just noticed I have a slight Anterior Pelvic Tilt after a friend from the
    gym told me his horror story about how he was so into squats and it got so
    bad he couldn’t put his socks on. It sucks because I just fixed my
    shoulders. Anyway I’m glad I caught it early before it got bad, the video
    was informative and I’ll have it fixed in no time.

  10. Good job! How often strengthening posterior chain to correct APT? Or maybe
    You show us a Posterior chain strengthening routine? It would be great!

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is a life saver. I’ve known my hips were
    rotated for a while which caused my butt and abs to stick out but I never
    quite got what I could do to fix it. You explained everything crystal
    clear. I already work out and stretch a lot but knowing what my imbalance
    is will help me fix this problem I’m sure. Thanks again!!

  12. Ive watched 20 videos by now to understand exactly what is happening
    because i got exactly this problem. This video is the best there is ,
    really simple to understand exactly what is goin on and what to do. Thnx
    for that

  13. definitely subscribed; thanks for posting this info; looking forward to
    your other instructional videos too :-)

  14. Great video man, you made it really clear and easy to understand (y)

  15. What would be the best way to sit when it’s required? 

  16. Thank u solid information stretch can be preformed any where too which
    really helps, long time thought i had upper back problems but is actually a
    hip imbalance…… That’s why could not address it, left an immature
    comment before just for laughs apologise if offended anyone, ty mate keep
    the great information coming and ty for sharing 

  17. I have severe APT.. lacrosse balls massacre my hip flexors. Brutal, but I’m
    seeing improvement :)

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