Good Posture VS Bad Posture: Improving Posture Speeds Muscle Growth?

2 things you must know to chisel your physique to perfection – find out here: Improving posture …

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Excellent video Vince… Maybe you could include a PowerPoint of Janda’s
    upper/lower crossed syndrome, so the skeptics can understand… Lol

  2. Vincent you need to start putting on some SIZE or your videos will violate
    the terms of service again

  3. Stop watching IceCreamFitness if you don’t get even the tenth of what he

  4. This comment is stupid… If you look at all the free information he is
    giving out on youtube, you shouldn’t complain about him recommending a
    couple of programs.

  5. what is your opinion on my mindset?isolation exercises for muscles mass and
    strenght protocol with ONLY compound movement exercises?19 years old,barely
    5 months of GYM

  6. Great advice never thought of it in those terms but it’s common sense

  7. Vinny is right, MI40 really does change the way you lift and operate in the
    gym. It teaches you maximum efficiency to build muscle WITHOUT getting
    injured, It comes with a full set of videos demonstrating correct form, and
    teaches you what you should be thinking about while you’re lifting AND so
    much more! Ever since I started following Vince and BPak, It has changed my
    perspective on bodybuilding and has given me a strong education to build
    maximum muscle efficiently.

  8. Whatz the purpose of any supps ‘during’ a workout? Isn’t digestion pretty
    much suspended during that time? Except for hydration, won’t the body wait
    until after to resume digestion?

  9. Hey Vince, Im 17 years old, 138 pounds and am 5″9; I am looking to gain
    both weight and muscle and go to the gym 3 times a week (along side
    training at my MMA gym) and am trying to eat a high calorie, high protein
    diet; I am not seeing real results and seem to remain around the 140 lb
    mark, any advice? Thanks!

  10. vince, the info is good… if you keep it that way you won’t have to worry
    about attracting customers with programs… tell them to deadlift with a
    broom stick on their tail bone, upper back, and head! that’s what they want
    to hear

  11. how do you fix the posture of the back muscle is overgrown 

  12. Improving posture SPEEDS muscle growth? What’s good posture? Find out what
    might be hurting your gains in this episode on posture and muscle growth!

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