How To Sit Properly | Ideal Posture | Sitting Strategy

Harvard Study On Posture: Prone Cobra For Posture: Fixing A Rounded Upper Back: Fixing Forward Head Posture:

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Yea I fixed my tilt pelvis a while ago, but now my body is trying to revert
    back into that position(tilted pelvis). Can’t it understand that I don’t
    wanna be like that?

  2. Wanna learn how to sit properly at work? Here is the ULTIMATE strategy!

  3. God damn im’ so torn on sitting. I’m a cook so i literally stand 8-10 hours
    a day and the only thing i want to do when i go home is sit down, its the
    only thing that helps my lower back pain. I know in moderation it wouldnt
    be bad, but im so tired when i come home i’ll sit down for hours doing
    something like reading/watching tv/going on the computer

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