Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Thank you for this! I have fibromyalgia and a lot of exercises actually
    trigger a flare for me…I had tried the softball technique on the floor,
    but it would trigger pain in all the muscles it takes to do that kind of
    movement. I always need slow and gentle exercises! The kettle bell/softball
    release and the static stretch are going to become part of my routine from
    now on. My PT also recommended that I just lie on my back on the edge of a
    bed or bench and hang my leg off of the side of the bed for a slow, gentle,
    not-too-active hip flexor stretch. 

  2. When you lie down and say “hips flexed” or “hips in a flexed position,”
    does that just mean legs bent? Should you be flexing or bracing your core?

  3. Can you use a tennis ball? I live in a small Latin American town, and I
    can’t find a softball!

  4. sorry! but when he started showing me how to roll on that ball, I kinda
    forgot about the stretch and my mind started wandering elsewhere, if you
    catch my drift! nice vid though!!

  5. My groin muscle (the illiacus?) is very sore – can’t remember what I did
    except cycling after a long time. Will the medicine balls not hurt it any
    further? io have also read that tight hamstrings also causes problems with
    the iliopsoas muscle. Mine is very tight and I have a slight belly bulge,
    which also seems to have something to do with this muscle. What can I do to
    stretch the hamstring permanently ( in my muscle memory) get rid of the
    problems with the iliopsoas and belly bulge. I am not fat at all – no need
    for a bulge.

  6. great advice! i also like to stretch this muscle lying on a table hanging
    one foot off the table.

  7. Oh man I like the first stretch a lot, i can definitely feel it, or maybe
    it’s just my guts. Do you have a more aggressive stretch that’s not the
    kneeling one? I definitely can’t feel if that’s doing anything to my psoas

  8. you sir deserve more views and subscribers!!

    your videos are clear and not boring , on like most trainers do it !

    keep it up !!!

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