Introducing the Rumble Roller and The Trigger Point Performance Grid Roller

The usefulness of foam rollers in reducing lower back pain is simply indisputable, but with so many marketers looking to cash in on your agony, it might be hard to tell which foam roller is best to invest in.

At Anterior Pelvic Tilt HQ, we endeavor to provide you with information that will not only help you ease your lower back pain but also help you make wise purchasing decisions.  After shifting through listing after listing of the foam rollers in the market, we came up with two that have been specifically designed to be used in lower back massage and physiotherapy: The Rumble Roller, and The Trigger Point Performance Grid Roller

The Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller The first impression you get when you take a quick glance at the Rumble Roller is how frightening it looks. It has these large knobs that make shudder at the imagination of the pain they can induce when you are rolling. However, after testing it, we found out that the pain is only imaginary. It is certainly not more than what you get when you use a flat foam roller.

However, the knobs do more than just amplify the discomfort. As the manufacturer puts it, these knobs are designed to closely resemble the thumbs of a masseur. The knobs gives you a sensation akin to the one you get when the hands of a masseur are rolling on your back.

But in a way, the Rumble Roller is surprisingly better than a masseur, the knobs on the foam roller have a height that permits for deeper penetration into your ailing muscles. This is way better than what a stereotypical flat foam roller gives you. A flat foam roller only pushes on the muscle tissue. The Rumble Roller kneads and opens up the tensed muscles.

The Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller

Foam Roller SizesThe Trigger Performance Grid Roller is one of the premium foam rollers that are available in the market at surprisingly low costs. At only $50, this foam roller is an absolute giveaway, more so when you consider its awesome features and capabilities.

One look at the Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller tells you one thing. This is a foam roller that has been specially designed with the APT patient in mind. It uses a distrodensity matrix design that allows for a more realistic and vigorous massage experience.

The design incorporates part with low and flat grooves, high and firm grooves and medium tubular grooves.

Trigger Point Foam RollerThere are two factors that make the Trigger Performance Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller stand out like a rose among thorns.

  1. The Grid Roller is hollow, something which makes it a great travel companion. You can stash some of your training outfits in the hollow space and hit the road.
  2. The grooves on the Grid Foam Roller will narrow in on your trigger points, thoroughly massages them and releases all the tension on them.

Unlike many foam rollers in the market, the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller does not lose its rigidity even after years of heavy use. Many foam rollers starting losing their rigidity after 3-4 months but the grid foam roller is made to last.


Although they are a little pricey, the enhanced design on both the Rumble Roller and the Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller make them excellent foam rollers for use in treating back pain and anterior pelvic tilt.  Get them with a discounted price here and here before everyone else does!

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