Low Back Pain – Anterior Pelvic Tilt or Anterior Pelvic SHIFT?

In this video I discuss the implications of anterior pelvic shifting opposed to anterior pelvic tilting. Elaborating further on the common problems found fro…

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. i love your channel. i dont understand why such a great person and channel
    doesnt have mire subscribers.

  2. If Im being true to myself, I love it when folks don’t just talk about good
    looks, and actually use fitness to also understand the neurological and
    mental health part of our lives and understanding that could easily be
    where the root causes of underlying issues , i do get stuck from time to
    time in that tangled mess and i do get confused a little bit on what the
    right goals for me should be to change and than be able to stay changed not
    just physically but mentally and emotionally too!

  3. Bueno, malos hábitos posturales en adultos debido a las características de
    su jornada laboral, pero eso sin mencionar las 8 horas o más que los niños
    desde muy pequeños pasan sentados en el colegio y viendo la televisión.

  4. Por favor faça uma legenda para enterdemos sua explicação. 

  5. Poderia fazer uma tradução das explicações. Elas são fundamentais e nem
    todos tem conhecimento da lingua inglesa. Seria muito interessante criar
    uma legenda. Obrigada

  6. I have hyperextension in my back, weak dead glutes. Donald duck look. I
    haven’t seen many people with what you are describing at all. Weak lower
    abs, weak glutes makes it hard to have hips forward like you mention. 

  7. I had a back injury due to a car accident in 2007. Had some vertebrae
    fractures and have a rod in my spine from T12-L5. Have no back pain,
    but for the past 2 or 3 years I’ve been having pelvis pain on the left side
    of my butt/hip region. With time my left side has shifted in and my left
    glute is now smaller than my right. I’ve gone to the doctor, have had tests
    done and they didn’t find anything. So they assumed it’s my si joint. I’ve
    gotten steroid shots, have gone to therapy, have tried it all and it’s
    still the same. Same sharp pain, and with a smaller glute lol. What do you
    think it could be? I thought it could be a posterior pelvic tilt since my
    left side is shifted in, and was doing the exercise in one of your videos,
    but then I found your anterior pelvic tilt vid and my butt seems to be
    getting back to normal lol. Just wanted to know your thoughts. Its so
    frustrating cuz I have this problem and no one knows what it is. Please get
    back to me as soon as possible. I hope I’m not aggravating my problem and
    making it worse.

  8. I’m anti evolutionary theory/pro bible but Naudi your vids produce such
    great works as for the goal of function. If not the top youre definitely at
    the highest level in the game. I’ve been so blessed for your insights and I
    just want to send my respects to you for all you’ve done and bonus,
    continue to do. Thank you so much and many future blessings

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    to the issue altogether. Most people who I’ve helped with this issue have
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  10. good stuff … can’t wait to see some exercises to work on this

  11. exactly what i have!!! STRONG upper abs, WEAK, lower abs, weak glutes

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