Not Bad, Not Bad At All

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. The pre workout super cut reminds me of what Tyley Soutwick you used to do.
    Remember that guy? YT Fitness OG.

  2. That dramatic cooking tho! Feel like I’m watching a movie trailer, haha

  3. poverty pr… HA! Nice work bro. Big improvement with your legs.

  4. Damn matty the look of your face got me thinking the kettle bell mobility
    thing you was doing must really feel amazing 

  5. Hey Matty, any suggestions on shoulders and traps.. it’s seems no matter
    how hard I work them out they just don’t seem to really develop. Great vid
    and as always such great helpful content.. keep it up lifting bro.. 

  6. It’s nice to see u hit pr’s u don’t talk about that stuff much..nice job
    keep it up bro..them caves tho

  7. Matty, you went balls deep on that kettlebell!

  8. MATTY . I’ve started working out for about four month from now and i never
    ever train legs is that bed ?. because my focus is in my upper body and i’m
    noticing some good gains so far

  9. Great job!That kettlebell mobility work tho…Bet you had some looks from
    other people in the

  10. Matty have you ever experienced any pain from locking out your knees?

  11. Killer pr congrats. I’m glad you are pushing yourself. Keep it up

  12. lol you must have got some funny looks. People thinking your molesting a

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