Pre-Workout Had Me Like…

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Yo Matty I have some questions j would like to get answered. I’m 16 and
    I’ve never squatted, I do hit legs though still with other exersizes. I
    really want to begin squatting and adding deadlifts, any suggestions on how
    to approach it?

  2. I feel like I obsess way too much over getting enough/more than enough
    micro nutrients from a wide variety of foods, and I feel like it’s
    partially to blame for slow weight loss…maybe I’m just crazy and need to
    shift my focus. Any advice? How do you and Britt monitor your micros?

  3. That edit was so awesome in the beginning. I was waiting for the video to
    drop since the instagr tease. I really hope Britnay can get her name out
    there, 100% will support you guys always! 

  4. Monsters and warheads, what can go wrong with your stomach? hahaa

  5. may or may not have busted out a little fist pump on that intro 

  6. 3:46 that guy making ALL KINDS of gains all kinds !!!

  7. Awesome blender brah…how about that 10,000 calorie challenge? And why do
    you train twice a day?

  8. Matty you over-complicate everything! Lift heavy with good form, eat and
    sleep. Gains. Why spend a stupid amount of time making a deadlift just as
    complex as open heart surgery lol

  9. Hope to see you start lifting heavy again 

  10. Decided to ease up on the preworkout. The moment I realized I was taking
    two scoops for a deload day I questioned where my life was going.

  11. In the words of maxx chewning “ever forward”

  12. Have had an l5-s1 disc herniation for 4 months. Still can’t squat or
    deadlift. It suckkkkks

  13. Yes! A new video just in time to sit down and eat! Great intro man haha

  14. I’m not even on that 301 level… Apparently im the 7th viewer hahahaha 

  15. Silent mike has really been helping me so much

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