Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. I’ve been doing Bret Contreras stuff I’m sure you are familiar with him
    this is his signature move. Boom and now I know why my lower back was sore
    after doing these 3x a week- I kept “plastering” to the bench! Will try to
    keep spine neutral throughout! I haven’t heard him mention the legs being
    turned out before will try this.

  2. I love your explanation of certain concepts.For example,I have heard other
    people talk about hip extension, and I didn’t know what that was. You are
    the first one so far to explain what hip extension is. (Sorry to any other
    YouTube video that explains this concept also; I just haven’t come across
    you yet). Keep up the good work!

  3. Great video but people with weak glutes often have an anterior pelvic tilt.
    Should we really be stretching our hamstrings and contributing to this?

  4. Do u recomend using lacrosse ball and foam rolling on glutes and hamstrings
    for a person having anterior pelvic tilt or just foam rolling hip flexors???
    My hamstrings and lower back takes the brunt of when glute bridging.

  5. Loving all your videos mate, some good stuff! At 2:36 did you mean Deadlift
    instead of Leg Press?

  6. Finally a really working method with clear theory!!! Many thanks;)

  7. Interesting to hear about rolling out to shut off one’s hamstrings. I’m
    dealing with anterior femoral glide syndrome at the moment, and I am
    currently in week two of eliminated squatting and replacing it with a
    bulgarian squat in an attempt to minimize my hamstring training and focus
    on my neglected glutes and quads. I have been doing Dimel dead lifts, pull
    throughs and bridges with my back on the floor, rather than the bench, to
    attempt to train glutes, but I will certainly add the rolling and stretch
    as well as the bride with my back on the bench into my programming this
    week. Thanks

  8. Hey that shutting off hamstring to allow more glute activation tip sounds
    really informative. Thanks for the tip. My girl wants to work on building
    her glutes and this May help thanks. 

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