Training, Mobility and Chicken Made Simple

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Headquarters


  1. Snap that tripod leg back in place, dare I say snap city?! Get it…. Snap
    City! HAHAHAHA, Im sorry…..

  2. I absolutely love salt! I even put it on my apples! Don’t knock it til you
    try it! 

  3. Was literally about to recommend a pistol grip then you said it lol.

  4. I like to just do hip abduction and adduction and that works for me

  5. I could eat chicken and rice every day for every meal for my entire life

  6. for me cooked chicken always stays good in the fridge for a week tops, but
    its best tasting within 5 days tbh

  7. Cool video again man! Couldn’t stop think about the fridge door being open!
    Mine always ices up! Haha.. re the tripod, manfrotto tripods are pretty
    awesome, lightweight and well designed:) 

  8. Always love the outtakes lol

    P.s. Will have my attorney write you a letter after I eat chicken and die
    on 5th day lol 

  9. That feeling when you are just thinking about kill the workout and tons of
    ppl start aproacching you.

  10. Mobility and stretching needs to be emphasized more!!!

  11. My mom would go crazy if she seen you walk away from the refrigerator while
    the door was open,
    When I was A kid that would have been the beginning of an apocalypse, Lol

  12. I’ve noticed that a narrow stance feels better with my squat as well. My
    range is better and I feel better tension in my quads. mmm… chicken.
    Great vid as always. Nice bloopers ;)

  13. If you could only use one sauce for the rest of your life what would it be?

  14. All of us that make videos always forget the date at the start of every
    video aha 

  15. Does anyone at your gym get intimidated by the camera and tripod set up?

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