Trigger Point Performance SMRT-CORE Level 1 DVD: Why I Strongly Recommend You To Try It Out

Are you stuck with your anterior pelvic tilt? Is your lower back pain driving you nuts? Sometimes it feels like there is a part of the equation missing no matter the investments you make on foam rollers and other fitness equipment that you have heard can help you correct your lower back pain.

What you need is not only a foam roller that is hastily sold to you, but one that comes with step-by-step instructions on how to correct your pelvic anterior tilt. One such foam roller (we highly recommend you buy it) is the Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller with SMRT-CORE Level 1 DVD.

Here are some of the reasons why we think investing in the Trigger Point Performance SMRT Core Level 1 DVD is a good idea:

The Core Workouts DVD

The SMRT-CORE workouts DVD that demonstrates a 15-minutes workout, a 16-minutes and a warm up exercise that lasts for five minutes.  The program is specifically targeting your core so it will definitely help your anterior pelvic tilt and release tension in your back.

The workouts in the video are fundamental medium workouts for APT patients. Although beginners might find the workouts tough, this DVD series has a full episode dedicated to demonstrating some easy beginner movements.

FREE Foam Roller

Do you shudder at the thought of chucking out $50.00 to purchase this Training DVD? Please don’t.

The SMRT-CORE Training DVD also comes with the actual foam roller so you don’t have to spend a dime to purchase another one.  And the foam roller used in the Training DVD is exactly the one that comes with so you don’t have to worry about the foam roller model might not be compatible with the Training DVD.

As we have discussed in a previous post, Trigger Point’s Performance Grid Roller might be a little pricey, but its quality is worth every cent that you spend to buy it. The roller is made from hollow PVC tubing that ensures its rigidity is maintained even after years of use. The hollow architecture also makes for convenient packing space for your exercise clothes if you are thinking of taking your foam roller with you to the office.  It is hard to tell what between the DVD and the high quality foam rollers makes this product rock!

PLUS buying this SMRT-CORE DVD is almost the same price as getting the Trigger Point Roller itself.  With only a few bucks more you will get the Grid Roller and the Training DVD to properly exercise.

The Foam Roller Does Its Job Perfectly

Forget the fact that the foam roller hurts when you are starting out and focus on the aftereffects. The truth is every foam roller comes with a little measure of discomfort. If you are new to foam rolling, you might actually question the plausibility of an exercise equipment that is supposed to eliminate your back pain but seems to aggravate it or question whether you are really doing it right.

Luckily, the video tuts available for free with the Trigger Point Performance Grid Foam Roller Pack assures you that you are actually doing the exercises the right way, and focusing on your core work that helps tremendously with your lower back pain and anterior pelvic tilt issues.

From the verified customer testimonials that the Trigger Point Performance SMRT-CORE DVD Pack has received, the foam roller actually does what it is supposed to do. It will release the tension on your pilformis muscles and other tensed muscles that might be contributing to your back pain. You can actually feel the tension sipping out of your muscles. Just tough it out, and you will be on your way to full back pain recovery after a period of consistent use.

The effectiveness of the Trigger Point Performance SMRT-CORE DVD Pack cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Unlike many other foam rollers in the market, this one has been specifically designed for use in lower back pain massages and physiotherapy, and also to strengthen your deep core muscle. It is a great product that is portable, does exactly what it is supposed to do and will give you extended use.


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