Yoga For Lower Back Pain: Why You Should Start RIGHT NOW!

There are several causes of lower back pain including but not limited to tight hamstrings and weakened muscles resulting from poor sitting postures. Lower back pain has also been found to be more intense when you are under emotional turmoil and stress. This is the reason why yoga might be effective in reducing lower back pain.

Over the years, yoga has proven to be an effective remedy for people suffering from lower back pain. It does this by mildly stretching and reinforcing the muscles on your lower back as well as by increasing blood flow to the tensed muscles.

Understanding the Concept of Yoga

If you are like me, you probably do not wish to jump into something without a slight behind-the-scenes of how safe it is or how effectively it works.

Yoga is a scientific healing concept that is about 4,000 years old. Its main aim is to unite the body, mind and soul. The bonding that results is physically curative as well as mentally and emotionally rejuvenating. The practice of yoga focuses on three main components:

  • Body posture
  • Breathing
  • Meditation

There are several types of yoga although the most common, and the one that you will probably want to try for your lower back pain problem is the hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is the most physical form of yoga. It incorporates several poses and breathing that are known as Asanas and Pranayama, respectively.

Benefits of Yoga in Healing Back Pain

In a study conducted by the National Health Service, yoga classes were found to be more effective in treating lower back pain and general back function.

Yoga reduces the intensity of back pain related problems such as walking, standing or stooping. If done correctly, yoga can alleviate all the lower back pain problems and get your life back on track. In fact, a little exercise on a daily basis could be all that you will ever need in order to correct your back pain, and with yoga classes becoming available in almost every gym in the city, there is no reason why you might not want to give it a trial.

Here are a few benefits that you stand to gain by stretching out your yoga mat and doing a few exercises:

Strengthens Deep Muscles

Yoga will help you build strength in specific muscles by holding and maintaining certain postures. Holding a posture in yoga requires concentration, which in most cases calls for the coordination of almost all muscles in your body.

Many postures in yoga will gently strengthen muscles in your lower back. After a few consistent yoga exercises, the pain in your back should start to dissipate progressively.

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Relaxation and Release

Many yoga exercises incorporate stretching and relaxation. These exercises offers the much needed relaxation in tensed muscles. Most of these exercises will require that you hold a position for 10-60 seconds. As you do this, some muscles will flex while others will stretch. This promotes relaxation and releases tension in your back pain muscles.

Additionally, these stretch exercises promotes blood flow into the muscles leading to nourishment of the muscles and detoxification.

Proper Body Balance and Alignment

Many yoga poses are intended to condition your body to be supple and healthy. Repeated yoga practice leads to a perfect body posture, improved body balance and puts the head, shoulders and pelvis in the proper alignment.

Proper body alignment is an important factor in reducing lower back pain and anterior pelvic tilt.

Additionally, unlike many other types of exercise, yoga stretches and strengthens both sides of the body equally.

Yoga gives you an increased understanding of your body

With continued practice of yoga, you get to understand your body and its limitations. You understand which postures to avoid and which ones to adopt. This acts as a preventative measure against anterior pelvic tilt and lower back pain.

Yoga is packed with so many indisputable mental benefits

Practicing yoga hatha puts your body in a mental state that is ready for meditation. This reduces stress and enhances your mood. These relaxed mental attitudes provides a conducive environment for healing.

There you have it. Five key reasons why yoga is important for your back pain. Grab a cool yoga mat start practicing yoga now.

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